Resonance[s]the unmissable contemporary art fair returns to make Strasbourg a dream come true

It is a feast for the eyes, a blend of boldness, sophistication and above all know-how that attracts 20,000 curious audiences every year. Resonance[s], the European craft fair that spotlights contemporary creativity, starts again this month. It even returns to us this year with an anniversary edition: ten years!

From Friday 11 to Monday 14 November, it will take up residence in the new Parc des Expositions in Strasbourg with at least 180 designers., focusing on exhibitions, activities and even Maison Mugler. A good surprise is that at the end of the article we are giving you 10 invitations to this exceptional show!

Expected every year by the players of the sector as amateurs, Lounge resonance[s] With this tenth anniversary edition, it once again proves its high level of excellence and high standards. It was in 2012 that Frémaa (Fédération des métiers d’art d’Alsace) took the risk of competing with the biggest institutions by creating its own arts and crafts fair in Strasbourg. It’s a risky bias, but it’s provenIt is one of the first in France and Europe. A real success.

Unfounded, glassblowers © Document submitted

Christian Fuchs (President of Fremaa) says in an editorial resonance[s] ” [qu’il] wants to be a locomotive for fine craftsmanship, a showcase designed to give a taste of a unique, beautiful and well-crafted objectour contemporaries are often tempted by the industrialized object”. A show as a counterweight to mass industry? In any case, he has the will because he values ​​aesthetics and technique, while also agreeing with it “The search for originality and eco-responsibility in our changing world”.

Latimeria + resonance[s] + fremaa
Latimeria, metal worker © Document submitted

Art, art, art

If about 300 activities were performed under the nomenclature of “craftsmanship”, we will find 180 artists-artists in various fields at this exhibition. graphics, decoration and sculpture, jewelry, furniture, lighting, tableware, cutlery, without forgetting fashion and accessories… In themselves, almost all the objects that fill our daily life are reviewed and adjusted by craftsmen with nimble fingers.

Ahead of the trendand even “obvious” from the following, it is one of the most important events in this field. Designers to develop national and European coverage twelve French regions and seven European countries.

A way to discover only local creativity (with people from Strasbourg, such as Mathilde Cochepin, Lucia Fiore, Cécile Villemain, and so on), but also what’s happening in our neighbors: a small craft tour of France and Europe, 10 minutes from the city center, it’s priceless.

Exhibitions and Maison Mugler as guest of honor

An exceptional edition, an exceptional guest. To honor the memory of the brilliant Manfred Thierry Mugler, who passed away last January, fremaa invites Maison Mugler to exhibit this original creation from Strasbourg.

A craft lover himself, the fashion designer has been known for his unabashedly crazy creations throughout his career: stage costumes (for Cirque du Soleil, Beyonce, Mylène Farmer and many others), fashion shows, photography, shows (with Mugler Folliesin Paris and The Wyldin Berlin)… He knew a revolution in the world of fashion, haute couture and perfumery (with its iconicity Angel released in 1992).

In addition to focusing on Mugler and the many booths at the show, resonance[s] invites us as in every issue a series of exhibitions. One of them will lead us to explore glassmaker and contemporary artist Antoine Leperlier.

Known worldwide for his glass paste work, which requires technique and rigour, he is exhibited in many museums and galleries around the world. As such, the show uses the International Year of Glass (proclaimed by the United Nations General Assembly) to highlight a selection of his works.

Antoine LEPERLIER + resonance[s]
Antoine LEPERLIER, glass maker © Christian Ferrari

This is the third time that the show has organized an unprecedented collective exhibition on a selected theme. This year, about thirty creators will work: BOTTLE.COLLECT[s]. Thought? “Revising and sublimating an object”, here, glass and its derivatives (flask, vial), in the background the environmental question behind this container (often disposable). There will also be an exhibition These unique works will be auctioned on Saturday 12 November at 17:00 in aid of the Zéro Déchet Strasbourg association WHO ” [accompagne] directs citizens to a more ecological and environment-friendly way of life”and “advocates deposit refunds, seen as an important tool in reducing waste at source”.

And to celebrate its tenth anniversary, resonance[s] builds an original retrospective around ten works illustrating his posters from the last ten years. Note to collectors: these will also be on sale.

Aline FALCO + resonance[s] + fremaa
Aline FALCO, illuminator © Document submitted

Meetings around handicrafts

To go further, the show offers to those interested conferences, exhibitions on crafts (issues as well as development) and demos (glass torch technique, loom weaving and jewelry). As for the youngest, they will be able to get their hands dirty educational workshops (discovery of letterpress printing, basket making and pottery)… Something to reveal professions among the new generation!

Also note, competition will be organized throughout the show… Switch, a wonderful gift: a work of art. Mazette!

Competition: invitations to win resonance[s] !

Speaking of competitions, We are giving you 10 invitations to the show! It couldn’t be easier. Simply:

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Yes ?

European trade fair for fine arts and contemporary creativity

When ?

Friday 11th, Saturday 12th and Sunday 13th November from 10am to 7.30pm.
Monday, November 14, from 10:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.
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New Strasbourg-Wakken Exhibition Center
Herrenschmidt Avenue 67000 Strasbourg



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