NBA on Twitter – October 2022: Nick Young’s stupid trade idea

Being an NBA player means first of all knowing how to play a minimum of basketball, but also means being scrutinized by all the fans in his every move. In the current League, this is now through social networks, including Twitter.

If some communicate soberly and gracefully, others decide to literally hit the wallet and constantly panic on the twittosphere for our greatest happiness. Let’s take a look at various tweets celebrating this month of October.

Note: some translations may not have been taken literally in French, but have been adapted for easier understanding without changing the meaning.

# Tyler Herro is now a rich man and visibly happy.

# Giannis was MVP, DPOY and NBA champion on the same diet as the rest of us.

“I only took what was necessary. »

# The incident between Draymond Green and Jordan Poole caused a lot of discussion, especially when Bobby Portis was infamous for beating Nikola Mirotic, his Bulls teammate at the time.

“When they do that, it’s normal, when I do that, it’s a problem. »

# De’Aaron Fox plays Patrice Evra and imagines the sanction for the person responsible for the gnon video leak.

“Someone is going to be fired for posting this video. »

# Evan Fournier is also suspicious of the money connection and wonders how the two will continue to live together.

“Someone got a transfer to leak this video. »

“After such a right, it is impossible to become a teammate again. »

# Then there’s Mikal Bridges, who wants blood.


# Yes, it’s recovery!

“It’s almost time. Ready, batteries are charging. »

“The NBA is back! »

“Tomorrow the 13th year officially begins. »

“Let’s go for the 6th year. »

“9th grade. »

“Chapter 20. The Last Trip. Eternal legend. »

# A very… special birthday cake for Paul Pierce. Pretty crazy troll.

“My friends bought this birthday cake from me, they love to play. »

# Even ex-house member Nick Young is starting to come up with schemes for the Lakers to part ways with Westbrook (spoiler: it looks complicated).

“Go get Eric Gordon and Buddy Hield for Russell Westbrook in a 3 team trade and draft rounds. »

# Jaylen Brown wants to land at the Louvre.

“I’ll frame it. »

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