LIVE. Premier League: Manchester City won the title for the eighth time

The main one

  • Trailing for the better part of the match against Aston Villa, Manchester City staged a spectacular comeback to claim their eighth English league title (3-2), their fourth in the last five years. In turn, “Liverpool” defeated “Wolverhampton” (2:1).
  • Having won the English league four times, Pep Guardiola is now more successful than Arsene Wenger (3 with Arsenal) and Jose Mourinho (3 with Chelsea).
  • Fallout of Norwich (0-5), Tottenham qualified for the Champions League. “Arsenal” who won against “Everton” (5:1) and “Manchester United”, “Arsenal” who lost against “Crystal Palace” (1:0) is in the Europa League. In turn, Leeds were saved and Burnley were relegated.

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Manchester City – Aston Villa (3:2): “Manchester City” supporters entered the field to celebrate the championship.

90+4″. Manchester City – Aston Villa (3-2): FINISHED AT ETIHAD STADIUM! “Manchester City” became the champion of England for the eighth time in history! Pep Guardiola’s men, who led to the score again, overturned the match within ten minutes.

90+3″. Manchester City – Aston Villa (3:2): Villains no longer attack. The title is getting closer.

90″. “Manchester City” has 93 points and “Liverpool” has 92 points in the tournament table.

90″. Manchester City – Aston Villa (3:2): four minutes of extra time is announced.

89″. Liverpool-Wolverhampton (3-1): REDS REDUCED WITH ROBERTSON. After a nice one-two with Firmino, the Scot scored Liverpool’s third goal.

87″. Liverpool-Wolverhampton (2-1): Liverpool will be champions if Aston Villa beats Manchester City.

83″. “Liverpool” – “Wolverhampton” (2:1): BUUUT DE SALAH! The Egyptian gives Anfield a glimmer of hope as he scores from a corner after Wolves’ defence.

82″. “Manchester City” is now three points ahead of “Liverpool” in the league table!

81″. Manchester City – Aston Villa (3-2): GUNDOOOGAAAAAAAAAAAN!!!!! INCREDIBLE !!! De Bruyne sends a pass and the German shoots into the empty net! Citizens are de facto champions!

80″. Manchester City – Aston Villa (2:2): Cityzens changed the game in two short minutes! They currently have more points than Liverpool in the standings.

77 inches. Manchester City – Aston Villa (2-2): RODRIII EGALISEEEE. The Spaniard shoots from outside the area and lets City still believe in the title!

76 inches. With less than fifteen minutes left in the multiplex, Manchester City are still de facto champions thanks to goal difference!

75″. Manchester City-Aston Villa (1-2): GUNDOĐAN’S SCORE REDUCED. In Sterling’s pass, the German stands out with a header. Guardiola’s men can still believe that.

72 inches. Liverpool-Wolverhampton (1-1): Firmino absolutely misses himself! On the counter, the Brazilian makes a wrong choice and loses the ball.

70″. Liverpool-Wolverhampton (1-1): reds are growing! First with Salah, well received by Boly. Then with Alexander-Arnold’s shot.

68″. Manchester City – Aston Villa (0:2): BUUUUT THE VILLAS! Absolutely amazing! Former Reds player Coutinho knocks out Aymeric Laporte and fools Ederson.

67 inches. Manchester City – Aston Villa (0:1): Kevin De Bruyne inaccurate! The Belgian took an interesting free-kick but couldn’t find the frame.

63 inches. Liverpool-Wolverhampton (1-1): Alexander-Arnold tries his luck from distance, but Jose Sa saves it well.

62″. Manchester City – Aston Villa (0:1): The Villans’ last win at City was on April 28, 2007 (2-0)… Forever.

60″. For now, the classification does not budge. “Manchester City” has maintained its lead due to the goal difference. “Liverpool” is in second place (90 points). 30 minutes left in the game…

58″. Liverpool-Wolverhampton (1-1): Jota is replaced by Salah.

57″. Manchester City – Aston Villa (0:1): Urbanites increase opportunities. But the corner shot by De Bruyne has no result.

54″. Manchester City – Aston Villa (0:1): Gerrard’s men are still on the attack. Throwing deep, Watkins misses the target. The townspeople were hot!

51″. Liverpool-Wolverhampton (1-1): Another chance for the Reds! Jota, in good position, shoots but it is blocked by Sadio Mane. Still on the Wolves side!

49″. Liverpool-Wolverhampton (1-1): OH SADIO SCORES FOR MANE. After Diogo Jota’s beautiful kick, the Senegalese dribble the ball and score a goal… But the referee raises his flag! Always 1-1!

47″. Liverpool-Wolverhampton (1-1): It should be noted that Thiago Alcantara was released due to injury a week before the match against Real Madrid in the Champions League final. He was replaced by James Milner.

46″. Manchester City – Aston Villa (0:1): Fernandinho came on at half-time and was replaced by Zinchenko. Therefore, a system change is planned for Cityzens.

46″. DISTRIBUTED IN THIS MULTIPLEX. Here is the provisional classification with 45 minutes left in the championship.

HALF. Here are all the scores on Premier League lawns.

THIS IS HALF OF THE MULTIPLEX. “Manchester City” beat “Aston Villa”, and “Liverpool” drew with “Wolverhampton”. In the fight for the title, two teams are tied (90 points).

45″. It should be noted that “Manchester United”, which won against “Crystal Palace” (1:0), is temporarily in seventh place in the Premier League and is no longer in the Europa League. “West Ham” faced “Brighton” (0:1).

44″. Manchester City – Aston Villa (0:1): So far, Pep Guardiola’s men have not had a single shot on target against Aston Villa.

43″. Manchester City – Aston Villa (0:1): The townspeople try to react. De Bruyne passes for Gabriel Jesus, the ball is converted for a corner.

40″. “Manchester City” and “Liverpool” are equal in the tournament table (90 points). The title is playable on goal difference!

37″. Manchester City – Aston Villa (0-1): ASTON VILLA GOOOOO! Pep Guardiola’s men are punished! Lucas Digne heads over Matthew Cash who deceives Ederson.

34″. Manchester City – Aston Villa (0:0): City dwellers can’t do that! They couldn’t take advantage of Gabriel Jesus’ wonderful celebration in the penalty area.

32″. Norwich-Tottenham (0-2): NO KANE! The striker of “Spurs” buries the hopes of the “ballers” in the Champions League competition.

31″. Manchester City – Aston Villa (0:0): City dwellers struggle to create chances and miss a lot.

28″. Liverpool – Wolverhampton (1-1): What an opportunity for Liverpool! Alexander-Arnold’s first shot was blocked, then Robertson’s recovery was completed. Reds are pushing!

27″. Arsenal-Everton (1-0): MARTINELLI SCORES THE PENALTY. But it’s not enough to get into the Champions League just yet, because Tottenham are winning.

26″. Liverpool-Wolverhampton (1-1): The “Reds” are a few points behind “Manchester City” in the tournament table.

24″. “Liverpool” – “Wolverhampton” (1:1): SADIO MANENE’S RECOVERY. Senegal’s Thiago Alcantara takes the ball deep and deceives Jose San.

22″. Manchester City – Aston Villa (0:0): The City hosts their game at the home ground of Steven Gerrard’s men. They buy a corner that will give nothing.

18″. Burnley – Newcastle (0:1): The Magpies score from the penalty spot and allow Leeds to temporarily leave the relegation zone.

17″. “Liverpool” – “Wolverhampton” (0:1): oh what a great opportunity for Wolves! Wolves, cornered in their camp since the opener, almost put their second in after good work from Neto down the left. But Dendoncker misses the target!

15″. Norwich-Tottenham (0-1): SPURS open the scoring. Bentanjur, started in depth, serves Kulusevski, who scored a goal. He allows his team to maintain the fourth place synonymous with Champions League qualification.

12″. “Liverpool” – “Wolverhampton” (0:1): The Reds look to equalize and find Luis Diaz to make the difference. But the Colombian goalkeeper and “Wolves” defense stumbles.

8″. Manchester City – Aston Villa (0:0): The fans at the Etihad Stadium went wild when they heard Wolves’ opener.

5″. “Liverpool” – “Wolverhampton” (0:1): this is Pedro Neto’s first goal in the Premier League this season.

3″. Liverpool v Wolverhampton (0-1): OOH OPENER AT ANFIELD. After Conate’s mistake, Raùl Jimenez takes the ball and passes it to Pedro Neto. It goes to the bottom!

17:00 LET’S GO TO THIS MULTIPLEX! “Manchester City” and “Liverpool” face “Aston Villa” and “Wolverhampton” respectively in the fight for the championship. “Arsenal” and “Tottenham” are fighting for the Champions League, while “Manchester United” is not yet guaranteed to play in the Europa League.

16:55 Manchester City – Aston Villa: Pep Guardiola has won the last five games of the 38th round. Unbecoming statistics for Liverpool.

16:50 Liverpool-Wolverhampton: reds warm.

16:45 Manchester City – Aston Villa: What if Steven Gerrard helped Liverpool in their quest for the crown? The Reds legend and current Lions coach has the opportunity to bid his former side the title if they beat City this afternoon.

16:40 Manchester City – Aston Villa: Eleven adapted by Pep Guardiola.

16:35 Liverpool-Wolverhampton: The Reds’ eleven on this final day of the Premier League.

4:30 p.m We present the matches scheduled for that day.

16:15 Hello everyone, welcome to to watch this multiplex live commentary of the 38th and final day of the Premier League. This Sunday from 17:00, many challenges are on the program, from the fight for the title to the European competition!

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