How to stream on Samsung TV?

It’s not uncommon to want to watch certain types of content on your phone or tablet and watch it on your Samsung TV.

This is now possible with recent technological developments. Follow the simple procedure to successfully stream to Samsung TV.

What is this procedure to stream Samsung TV? How to achieve this? “How to stream on Samsung TV in 2022?” Discover the basics in the rest of the article.

What does cast mean?

In the media world, the word caster has a completely different definition than in cinema. Indeed, in our particular case, casting means streaming or sharing content from one device to another.

This kind of action was made possible thanks to the Chromecast device developed by Google company nine years ago.

Broadcast content often refers to:

  • Document;
  • Music;
  • Web browser icon;
  • A video;
  • Slide show.

To achieve this action, the two corresponding devices must be placed side by side. According to the meaning of the sentence, the word caster has several synonyms: share, connect, project, transmit, spread.

Stream video to Samsung TV

If you have a Samsung smartphone and a Samsung TV, you can easily share content from your laptop to your TV. You just need to know how to connect your smartphone to your TV.

To do this, go through the mirroring process. This fairly simple process is a wireless technology that helps share content broadcast in a small environment to a larger environment. The viewing experience is therefore greatly improved.

However, some conditions must be met for the connection to be established correctly. This is because the phone not only sends data but also provides support when it comes to supporting screen mirroring.

The TV should have the same function. It should be able to capture and read all the data transmitted directly by the smartphone. If both devices are Samsung, the connection process is easier.

The procedure to be followed to transfer the contents of the device to the TV screen

how to stream content from device to TV screen
how to stream content from device to TV screen

To get started, your device as well as your TV must be connected to the same Wi-Fi network. Therefore, each device should be checked. Once you are sure of this, you can proceed to the next step.

This is to open the app with the content you want to project. After entering the app, look for the Broadcast icon, then select your TV name on the device.

As soon as the broadcast icon changes color, it means you are currently connected. Start sharing the content you want on your TV screen to enhance your viewing experience.

If you can’t, it just means that you unfortunately missed a step in the procedure. Just restart quietly. When you’re done watching, select the Broadcast icon and then click the share button on your device.

With Samsung, you can use any of these apps. These are Smart View and SmartThings. With these types of apps, connectivity is also easy as long as you have a Wi-Fi connection. SmartView works with Samsung TVs from 2011 and 2016, while Smartthings works with Samsung TVs released after 2016.

The Google hardware you need to stream to your TV

Proper equipment is required for pouring. You have the option of using several multimedia gateways to ensure good projection of your phone on the TV screen. The most popular gateways are Chromecast and Airplay. With Chromecast, you need to start by connecting the Chromecast dongle.

The latter should be inserted into the HDMI port of your TV. The connection must be direct. The said dongle must also be connected to a Wi-Fi network so that you can easily stream various video or audio streaming services that are directly compatible with Google Chromecast.

Google Chromecast technology is ideal for Samsung TVs. However, before you start, check if your TV has this technology. If so, the connection will be easier.

Moreover, in certain cases no equipment is required. Some screens are equipped with a casting function when manufactured.

The Apple hardware you need to stream to your TV

The technology used with Apple is Airplay. This technology works only through Wi-Fi. This kind of functionality from Apple makes it easy to stream to your TV screen using an iPhone, iPad, Mac or iPhone.

As hardware, you need a Mac, Thunderbolt or MiniDisplayFort with an HD TV and an HDMI port. You can pick up a cable that allows you to easily listen to audio on your TV.

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