6000 km in 3 days in an electric car, who can beat Guillaume and Rome?

In September 2021, Guillaume Castevert and Romain Hédouin traveled exactly 5,887 kilometers in 70 hours and 49 minutes with a Tesla Model 3. They covered the route between the south of Portugal and the north of Norway on the basis of super loaders of the American manufacturer. Their dream today: to break their record, why not with another brand’s electric car. They explain to us why this is possible in 2022.

Fast and far with an electric car

With our European Electric Cannon, we wanted to prove that it is possible to travel fast and far in an electric car. Fast but respectful of legal speeds. We wanted to do a repeatable journey to show the evolution of electric cars and charging over time “explains Guillaume Castevert, whom we met at the eco-driving rally organized by the Automobile Club du Sud-Ouest on Saturday, October 8, 2022.

European Electric Cannonball on Tesla Model 3

3 days / 6,000 km: I like the hyperlative, out-of-proportion aspect of these numbers, which when put together can shock “Turns on Romain Hédouin, reached by phone. In just 3 days, Guillaume’s Tesla Model 3 Long Range drove from Cape Saint Vincent to the North Cape.

Between Portugal and Norway they passed through Spain, France, Belgium, Germany, Denmark and Sweden. ” And a small strip of Finland between Sweden and Norway “, corrects the young co-pilot.

ball ball?

Cannonball, meaning ‘cannonball’, is a term widely used in the United States to describe coast-to-coast crossings. Unlike our trip, these raids don’t always follow the legal speed limit », translates Romain Hédouin. The two friends were motivated by their previous performances in their projects.

So, the model realized in 2014 with the Model S charged only with Tesla superchargers: 5514 km in 76 hours. It’s a real trigger Lightning run in Transcana. In 73 hours and in severe winter conditions, they drove the Model 3 from Vancouver to Halifax after 6,131 km.

European Electric Cannonball on Tesla Model 3

It was early March 2020. Twenty new Tesla charging stations were just launched. I already spoke to Romain about this via Twitter. We waited 18 months to be in good shape, especially because of Covid-19. Also, a good window to visit the North Cape is from June to September “says Guillaume Castevert.

It was united with the same passion for Model 3

Guillaume Castevert and Romain Hédouin have very different profiles. The first, in his fifties, has long been professionally involved in the car exchange with Citiz in Bordeaux: ” For more than 10 years, between 2009 and 2019, I did not have a personal car. In 2008 I was interested in the Tesla roadster, then 3 years later I tried the Renault Fluence ZE and wanted an electric car for traveling. “.

European Electric Cannonball on Tesla Model 3

After the launch of the Model 3 on March 31, 2016, I immediately reserved my copy like 150,000 people worldwide. I chose the Long Range in red with very nice 19 inch wheels. I had to wait 3 years to finally get it in 2019 “he concludes. He is currently reorienting his professional life to become a VTC: ” It will be with the Tesla Model S Plaid. I will get paid to drive my favorite car “.

Romain Hédouin, 24, is a cybersecurity software developer. He also owns a Tesla Model 3: ” This is the 2021 Standard version that I bought before Cannonball. This is my third car. My first was a Peugeot 406 coupe, which I was able to trade for a second-hand Renault Zoé in 2013 when I started. “.

Fatigue as the main difficulty

The Tesla Model 3 hardly limited us. We ate little during the trip. We spent charging breaks averaging every 2 hours, taking photos to post on social networks and planning the next step. We wanted to make sure that the selected station was the optimal choice. “, emphasizes Romain Hédouin.

How much are these parking lots? ” 18 minutes on average », – replies Guillaume Castevert. ” In the shortest 8 minutes. We also used these breaks to change drivers. However, twice we had to make the handover earlier, especially in the middle of the Swedish desert. “, completes its second pilot.

European Electric Cannonball on Tesla Model 3

If I had to relive this trip, it would be three. Besides, we can do it again to break our record. For those who want to try this, I recommend going with three drivers. Two are very tiring and potentially dangerous “he warns.

Super downloaders only

If we can make this trip between the magnificent Cape Saint-Vincent and the North Cape reef, it is thanks to the superchargers. We trusted them completely with only 31 refills. Only one presented a problem in Angoulême, which we solved immediately by connecting it to the stele next door. », Details Guillaume Castevert.

European Electric Cannonball on Tesla Model 3

From Trondheim, Norway, that is, for the last 1000 kilometers there was nothing but Tesla compressors. Therefore, only electric cars of this brand could complete this course in such a short time. “he emphasizes.

Today would be different for two main reasons. This is partly because we have been able to rely on the Ionity and Fastned stations that have been launched since then. Then, because the opening of the Tesla superchargers makes our performance possible with electric cars of other brands he argues.

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Youtube Timelapse

Over time, we can do better thanks to the power we get in terms of charging, but also because the opening of the new Tesla station avoids the 50 km detour that brought us to the traffic jams in Stockholm. “, encourages Guillaume Castevert.

But be careful: we want stopwatch gains not to be made against legal speeds. We have released an almost 5-hour video on Youtube with x15 timelapse, where the instantaneous speed of the car is visible throughout the course. Which did not stop us from spinning at a speed of 234 km/h in Germany “, he informs.

It was a truly extraordinary experience. Today, it’s hard for me to beat it in terms of nostalgia, adrenaline and camaraderie. A group of seven or eight Belgians came to meet us on the road, with homemade cakes and drinks in hand. Right in the middle of Sweden, Niko drove 30 minutes one way to meet us at the supercharger and back the same way. “Romain Hedouin remembers his role.

Who will break the record?

My greatest satisfaction is that Guillaume and I were able to prove what no one intuitively wants to believe. Since then I have been looking for other challenges to achieve. For example, Paris-Beijing in an electric car, or a long trip with only renewable energy. I also think about challenges other than the car reveals the young co-pilot.

Since the European Powerball, I’ve also driven the Model 3 to Croatia, Switzerland, Italy and the Netherlands. In total, I have already visited 10 countries with this car this year, compared to 9 with our raid. It is always surprising to remember this. The reception is always very positive “he continues.

European Electric Cannonball on Tesla Model 3

Guillaume and I invite anyone willing to break our record with an electric car of their choice to take the challenge. “, he concludes. Details of the trip, along with as much information as possible, are available at cannonball.teslastars.fr.

Automobile Propre and I would like to thank Guillaume Castevert and Romain Hédouin very much for their time and patience in answering our questions.

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