Three things to remember from Limoges Handball’s victory over Nantes

Unbeaten in the league for six months, H went down from the top at Beaublanc in pot mode this Sunday. Limougeauds presented an XXL match to provide a Nantes form that lacked stability after their great success in the Champions League against Kiel (38-30) three days ago.

During a productive first movement (18-18), Limougeauds held off Nantes, who never trailed, with a maximum advantage of two goals (2-4, 6th; 7-9, 14th; 11-13). , 22). “Nantes could have created a break in the first half, but we combined well and stayed focused,” LH coach Alberto Entrerrios said.

After the break, LH continued to work on the attacking level and raised the cursor in defense, especially thanks to the introduction of Yann Genty in the Limoges goals.

award “Limoges Handball” did it again against “Nantes”.

Within minutes, Limoges solutions and lack of fuel irreversibly separated against the residents of Nantes (21-19, 35; 24-21, 42; 27-23, 48; 31-26, 56). “When we got a small lead, we told ourselves we can do it. We believed in it and this second half will be memorable with the support of the public,” said the Spanish coach of Limoges Handball.

Fire attack

Limougeauds fire all wood against leaders Nantes this Sunday. LH, led especially by the indomitable Yoav Lumbroso, pierced the often underpowered Nantes rear defense from all sides. With four goals and four assists, the Israeli leader was a constant poison for H, but also caused temporary suspensions on several occasions.

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Left wing Angel Fernandez was also valuable, recording seven tackles, including a run in the quick game. Jure Dolenec also contributed (six goals) to his team’s victory, as did Dragan Gajic (5 goals) and even pivot Tomislav Kusan (four goals). H’s Icelandic goalkeeper Viktor Hallgrimsson’s four saves in the first six minutes of the match left no doubt that Limugalu would find the target 35 times. A series of goals that “Nantes” has not often conceded in recent seasons. Apart from Saint-Raphael in early October (H 38-35 victory), Nantes had not conceded so many goals in an away league game in more than five years.

Yann Genty, decisive input

The former PSG goalkeeper was brought on by Alberto Entrerrios after returning from the dressing room to beat Denis Serdarević (5 saves in 23 shots) in the Limoges cage. And it didn’t take Nantes long to stand out with two saves on his first two attempts in the second half. As his teammates continued to rattle the nets, this masterful double save against Olympic champion Cavalcanti and then Toto, who ignited Boblanc (42nd), multiplied decisive parades. Yann Genty was one of the great architects of his team’s success with only 11 saves on 24 shots with a 46% success rate. “We wanted to hang them for as long as possible and thanks to a great team, the match turned in our direction”, emphasized the goalkeeper of LH.

Next Limoges Handball match: Saturday 5 November at 20:30 in Cesson-Rennes.

Reginald Marie

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