At La Vieille-Lyre, art will bring molder Vincent Thomas Bourville back to life.

Burville will be represented in a life-size sculpture, a replica pump from Le Trou Normand. ©Reveille Normand

There is always a bistro at the birth of many great stories. This bar Norman Bistroemblem La Vieille-Lir (Eure)Burville is notably where Jean Boyer came to film Le Trou Normand Brigitte Bardot in his first film role.

So in this bar full of history Vincent ThomasThe later buyer of the business met his sister Valerie, a former client Jacques Hermierassociation president In Bourville’s footsteps, he created tourist circuits in the Pays d’Ouche at the actor’s various filming locations.

Jacques told me about his project to make a sculpture next to the pump. They already had a relationship, but I told them that I could understand it perfectly. Also, I have a studio in Champignolles, right here.

Vincent Thomas

A toast was enough and the contract was signed.

From Grevin’s museum to Champinoglia

In the film, we see Bourville, who inherited Auberge Le Trou Normand, using a pump installed in the village. “This pump will be here for a long time, even after the shooting,” recalls Vincent Thomas, 59, who spent most of his childhood in the area where his mother ran a shop in L’Aigle, place de la Halle. It took the efforts of Jacques Hermier to find the almost identical pump that now stands at the foot of the church.

Outside the set of Trou Normand, Bourville posed in front of a village pump. ©Archives/RN

Association In the footsteps of Bourville needs to raise around €20,000 to finance this life-size statue (172cm) and its installation. “We have about 75% of the surplus,” said Jacques Hermier. Construction could then begin this winter, with a grand opening for the summer season in June 2023. “I think I’ll do it in black and white processed polyester. It is cheaper and stronger than bronze. First you need to do a 3D operation with a mannequin with clothes. Before doing the first molding, we will do a milling. Then you need to make the hands and head before molding the whole. »

A black and white work

To hear him talk, the operation is child’s play. It should be noted that Vincent Thomas has been in business since he was 17 years old. The son of a decorator, he worked at the prestigious house of Lorenzi, where he apprenticed before starting his own business. In parentheses, it is indicated that he is the head of the workshop in the international sector of the Grévin Museum.

Vincent Thomas and Jacques Hermier will bring Bourville back to life at the Vieille-Lyre pump.
Vincent Thomas and Jacques Hermier will bring Bourville back to life at the Vieille-Lyre pump. ©Reveille Normand

“My job was to design museums from A to Z all over the world. By the time the operation is called off, he will have done four. “I came here to settle down and today I still have customers who order work from me,” explains the master.

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Therefore, he will not really be out of place when he makes this piece. “I’ve done it my whole life,” he says. Vincent envisages about two months of work. Surely there will be only three people to work on this work that will celebrate the souls in the small town of Eure. The choice of black and white treatment should give the whole a rather figurative look. “We will also have to look for someone with special hands, and I called a friend from the Grévin museum for the face, because we must not miss him. »

To participate in the statue project, visit Or send your checks to the association Sur les pas de Bourvil, 3 rue Saint-Pierre – town hall, 27 330 La Vieille Lyre. email, [email protected]

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