3 different ways to scan QR code on Samsung phone

The QR code scanning feature is now a useful feature on smartphones. And over time, it will be needed almost every day for many tasks. QR codes eliminate the need to enter information needed to perform specific daily tasks. If you’re a Samsung user, scanning a QR code is pretty easy. There are several different ways to scan QR codes using Samsung phones.

QR codes are used to initiate payments, connect to WiFi, check product information, download apps, share apps and many other uses. Basically, QR codes can be used in any field. But you should also be aware of QR fraud. Only scan a QR code if you know what it’s for.

Now QR codes are a part of our daily life, so it is wise to know all the easy ways to scan QR codes without installing third-party software. Yes, there are hundreds of apps available in the play store, but if you have a Samsung phone, you don’t need them. So let’s start the guide the easy way.

Scan QR code on Samsung Galaxy using QR scanner

Samsung Galaxy phones come with a QR scanner as standard. So when you need to scan a QR code, you can do it in seconds. QR code scanning shortcut is available in quick settings and it is accessible to users with just one swipe.

  1. Make sure the QR code is open on another device or the QR code sticker you want to scan is nearby.
  2. Now swipe down to pull up on your phone Quick settings.
  3. look for it Scan the QR code choice. If it’s not available in the first set of quick settings, swipe left to bring up more buttons.
  4. After tapping on “Scan QR Code”, the scanner will open.
  5. Now point your phone’s camera at the QR code you want to scan.
  6. It will detect the QR code instantly and you will see the action related to this QR code.

If the scan QR code is not available in the quick settings, you need to change the quick setting buttons and slide the scan QR button, which will be part of the additional buttons.

How to scan QR code on Samsung phones

Scan the QR code using the Camera app on Samsung

If you can’t find the QR scan button in the quick settings, you can use the Samsung camera app to scan any QR code. But to scan the QR code, you need to make sure that this option is enabled in the settings.

Enable QR code scanning on the camera

  1. Open the stock camera app on your Samsung phone.
  2. Go now Image be it in Portrait, Video or other modes.
    How to scan QR code on Samsung phones
  3. press the button Settings/Equipment icon in the upper left corner.
  4. This will open the camera’s photo settings. To search Scan the QR code Under Smart Features.
    How to scan QR code on Samsung phones
  5. Turn the switch to ON.

Scan the QR code

  1. After enabling the option, go back to Camera Image.
  2. Point the camera at the QR code you want to scan.
  3. The camera will detect the QR code and provide special actions related to the code.

Yes, it’s very easy. But what if you have a QR code in your gallery, not on a sticker or other device? Well, in that case, you can follow the next method.

Scan the QR code stored on your Samsung phone

Yes, you can also scan QR codes stored in your phone’s gallery. Sometimes a celebrity sends a QR code to your messaging app to send money or for other purposes. So in this case, you’re wondering how to scan this QR code if I can’t point the camera at it? Fortunately, Samsung phones have a feature that allows you to scan the QR code available on the phone. How to use it.

  1. Make sure the QR code is available in your gallery.
  2. Now scroll down to open quick settings.
  3. Tap the Scan QR code button to open the built-in app.
  4. You will see two options Flash and Gallery. press the button Gallery icon.
    How to scan QR code on Samsung phones
  5. Now browse and select the image with the QR code.
    How to scan QR code on Samsung phones
  6. Click Done and it will detect the QR code.

That’s all you need to do to detect any QR code available in your gallery.

So there you have it, a complete guide on how to scan QR codes on Samsung phones using various methods. I hope you found the guide useful.

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