Villeurbannaise, the focus of the Contemporary Art Biennale at the IAC

For this new edition, IAC and its partners decided to highlight the emerging European scene, with the arrival of five young artists from Romania, Italy, the Netherlands, Sweden and Spain, and six artists from art schools in the region. ” The Biennale is an event that brings many people back, a real springboard for young creativity IAC artistic and research coordinator Sarah Caillet says, whose interview you can find at the end of the article.

Among the presented works, visitors will find Justin Bieber’s drawings and remix, somersault video montage or even a plastic interpretation of the whale Monstro from Pinocchio. Who says modern art is reserved for the informed public?

Maite Marra, artist and Villeurbannaise

One leader of the eleven artists invited to present their work was well known to the IAC teams. At the age of 30, Maite Marra, who studied at the School of Fine Arts in Lyon, lives and works in Villeurbanne. On September 12, he received the Young Creativity Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes award as part of the Biennale for his work. Chapter III: The Implantable Camera.

Maite Marra

In his work, the native of Vénissieux gets as close as possible to bodies and the violence they are subjected to. The work presented for this exhibition, Chapter III: The Implantable Camera, suggests the emotional intensity of mourning after the loss of a child. ” Participating in this major event of contemporary art in France is an opportunity for me to show strong and demanding work in the extension of my residencies and exhibitions at macLYON in 2018 and URDLA in 2020 and 2021. Also, as a young artist, I hope, a very important visibility “says Villeurbannaise, supported for this exhibition by the IAC, the School of Fine Arts and Villeurbanne Transpalux.

Interview with Sarah Caillet: “Desacralize the moment of exposure

The exhibition is jointly organized by the Institute of Modern Art, as every year A young international creation of the BiennaleSarah Caillet, artistic and research coordinator, talks about the IAC’s desire to make this often complex art accessible to everyone.

What does this 16 mean?e Biennale for the Institute of Contemporary Art?

The main point of cooperation with other co-organizing institutions. Young international creativity It stems from the continuing commitment of the IAC and other institutions to emerging artists. It is also a springboard that allows young artists to benefit from international visibility. This is, for example, the work of the artist Maite Marra, who lives and works in Villeurbanne and after presenting her works at URDLA, proposes a project full of empathy around a very difficult subject, the order of trauma.

How did you manage to translate contemporary art to make it accessible to as many people as possible?

It’s a very important question these days. We tried to answer it with this summer demonstration. USA Factory », driven by a desire to offer unifying meeting times between artists and residents. In IAC, we present work that is as experienced as it is conceptually understood. There is also long-term mediation work, especially in the texts we offer a visitor’s guide for a wide readership, to facilitate the reading of the work. As for our rates, we have one, except for the Biennale, specifically for residents of Villeurbanne, to make places more accessible to our neighbors.

Are visits with family or on the go, during lunch breaks, also intended to address this problem?

Yes, the idea is to reach all families, whether parents can accompany their children or vice versa. It is also a matter of desacralizing the moment of exposure, which can be done without being too crowded, during a meal, for a meeting, not on a Sunday afternoon for three hours. We also offer experiential visits, where the visitor will first get to know the works in their own way, and then exchange with an intermediary. Perceptual experience is then central to the process.

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> Exhibition Young international creativityLyon Biennale of Contemporary Art

> Institute of Contemporary Art

>> 11 rue Doctor Dollard

>> Until December 31, 2022


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