Panayotis Pascot deciphers the great artists on the podcast

A little more than a year after the launch of the “So It Began” podcast, the Trade Exchange announces the second season of the program, which returns to the origins of works by great figures of modern art from the Pinault collection, such as Dominique Gonzalez. Foerster and Rudolf Stingel, this time narrated by the French comedian and actor Panayotis Pascot. The first episode will be released this Friday, October 28.

The podcast continues to attract artistic institutions. From the Center Pompidou to the Fondation Cartier, a number of institutions have started using this format to highlight their exhibitions and collections in recent years. In September 2021, a few months after its grand opening in the center of Paris, the Mercantile Exchange launched its first podcast in collaboration with Binge Audio, a network specialized in the production of this type of media. Her name? A sentence that sums up the entire season of “This Is How It Began”: at around fifteen minutes, each episode looks at the origins of an artist’s experience or a work of art from businessman François’s rich collection of modern art. Pinault. At a rate of two episodes per month on streaming platforms, the first season, thus exploring the behind-the-scenes experiences of David Hammons or Roni Horne, was shown last year as part of stock trading or even by Maurizio Cattelan. , Etel Adnan and Simone Fattal, artists are also heavily involved in the Pinault Collection. The episode also focuses on Ann Lee, an avatar from a Japanese animation company that was purchased by French artists Philippe Parreno and Pierre Huyge in the late 90s and regularly used in their installations and digital works. Based on its success with the public – over 50,000 listens have been recorded – the podcast returns for its second season this Friday, October 28. After entrusting the narration of these stories to the actress Charlotte Le Bon, the new episodes will be narrated by a new distinguished guest: the young French comedian and actor Panayotis Pascoe.

He appeared with the show in 2015 Small newspaper On Canal+ and later Daily In TMC, Starting a weekly column with an unusual take on the news, the young man became a national celebrity at the age of 17, before he even passed his bachelor’s degree. Since these early television experiences, Panayotis Pascot has starred in the music video for the rapper duo Bigflo and Oli, before becoming famous on the big screen, especially with his roles in films. deer Quentin Dupieux and my stupid dog By Yvan Attal, both released in 2019. But these experiences also led him to develop one of his great passions: the stage. Saint-Etienne, a young Frenchman born in 1998, has been performing on the only stage in France for three years, most recently at the Olympics and the Opéra Garnier, a stand-up show with caustic humor.

Dominic González-Foerster,

Dominic González-Foerster, “OPERA (QM.15)”, 2016). © Dominique Gonzalez-Foerster / ADAGP, Paris 2022 / Pinault Collection. Vue d’exposition, Bourse de Commerce – Pinault Collection, Paris, 2022.
Courtesy of the Pinault Collection. Photo: Aurélien Mole.

In its second season It started like this In six episodes, Panayotis Pascot will return to the work of many contemporary artists present in the Pinault Collection and exhibited by the latter in Parisian or Venetian spaces, as well as in projects outside the walls. Thus, he will particularly explore the mysterious work of the great artist and videographer Dominique González-Foerster, who has been rethinking exhibition methods since the late 1980s, the absurd and Duchamp sculpture of the American Robert Gober, or even his irreverent practice. British duo Gilbert & George, their collages and photomontages have cynically played with the taboos of our society for five decades. Like the first season of the podcast, these new episodes promise to combine biographical information about the artists, sometimes fed by the words of the latter, while also returning the listener to the original context of their own experiences or using excerpts to create a particular work. from media archives, music or even advertising campaigns from the period in question. Before launching the first episode of this new series tomorrow, the Mercantile Exchange is hosting a listening party this Thursday, October 27, in the auditorium of a building redesigned by Japanese architect Tadao Ando to discover the podcast in complete privacy.

That’s how it started, the second season of the podcast produced by Bourse de commerce – Pinault Collection and Binge Audio, narrated by Panayotis Pascot. The first episode premiered on October 28, 2022 across all listening platforms.

Rudolph Stingel,
Rudolph Stingel,

Rudolph Stingel, “Untitled” (2001). © Rudolph Stingel. Exhibition view/ Exhibition view, “Second of Eternity”, Bourse de Commerce – Pinault Collection, Paris, 2022 © Tadao Ando Architect & Associates, Niney and Marca Architectes, Pierre-Antoine Gatier agency. Photo: Aurélien Mole. Courtesy of the Pinault Collection

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