Macron wants ‘alliance’ with LR: ‘He’s been belly dancing for months and months’, notes Bruno Retailleau

Cap’ or cap’? After the international program, Emmanuel Macron answered questions from France 2 on Wednesday evening about domestic politics, where it was expected about the meaning and direction of his policy. The new law on immigration, work, pension reform, the lack of indexation of salaries to inflation, the head of state touched on many topics that the right would talk about. Noting that the LR and Liot group in the National Assembly did not vote for the censure motion, Emmanuel Macron went further and took a course. He “wants an alliance” with these groups, who are not actually trying to overthrow the government and are already inclined to vote for certain texts.

“The LR group in the National Assembly resisted”

Among LRs, Emmanuel Macron’s proposal does not find its audience at first glance. At least in the Supreme Assembly. “The question has been decided,” said Bruno Retalleau, president of the Senate’s LR group. “She’s been belly dancing for months and months. And we saw that the LR group in the Milli Majlis resisted. And I, if I started to run for the presidency of LR, did not have the ambition to make LR the eleventh component of Macronie. We are no match for Macron because we have size differences. Two years ago, “To be French is to be white. To be black is to be from somewhere else. In the midst of political debates, he raises the issue of race again, especially the issue of French citizenship, and when Mr. Pap appoints Ndiaye as the head of National Education, he is not a right-wing president, “he supports the boss. LR senators (see video, photos by Audrey Vuetaz).

“Emmanuel Macron is doing Emmanuel Macron. It is clear that he does not have a majority in the Assembly,” adds Bruno Retailleau, who sees in him a “left-liberal”, “the right has a say in economic matters, but only a say. […] And about the sovereign, he doesn’t even have the right words, because he fails to establish the observation that all French people make between mass, uncontrolled immigration and insecurity.

“I don’t understand why we should throw ourselves into the arms of Emmanuel Macron”

Senator LR Stéphane Le Rudulier is not going to take the extended hand either. “We have always said that we will be in the opposition, but in a responsible opposition. We want to preserve this arbiter, the main role in relation to the composition of the Assembly. This means that we refuse any coalition with Emmanuel Macron’s party, Renaissance. The idea is that whatever goes in the right direction for the country, we will vote for it. We will vote against what is dangerous or counter-productive,” reacts Senator LR from Bouches-du-Rhône, sticking to the established line. Stéphane Le Rudulier also emphasizes that “we are now in the majority in the joint committee, so the texts “For 90%, we have the final say. I don’t see why we would throw ourselves into the arms of Emmanuel Macron because we have quite significant ideological divisions over sovereign or debt.”

A coalition with Macronie would be nonsense.

If the LRs did not vote on the proposal, it is because the LRs were not “ready”. “For now, we are recovering,” said Stephane Le Rudulier, who, on the other hand, did not rule out that “the LRs could consider using a censure offer in a year or two.”

“I’m not changing geometry”

The same reaction from his colleague Jean-Raymond Hugonet from the LR group: “I’m not here to be in radical opposition, but I’m not here to make a deal with anyone,” begins the senator from Oise. And to add: “It’s great to play little political games, but the French today don’t want that anymore. I am not a changing geometry, I am not a fan.

“There are two different things between an outstretched hand and a lifeline. I think the president needs a majority, which he doesn’t have. It is not up to LRs to be Macronie’s assistants, which does not mean that LRs should systematically, frontally and stupidly reject any text. […] But to make a government agreement from there, no. There are too many differences”, confirms Senator LR Olivier Paccaud, for whom “there will be no blank check”.

According to Hervé Marseille, “At some point LRs will have to make a choice”

President of the centrist Union group in the Senate, Herve Marcel, is not indifferent to the words of the head of state. For him, it raises questions above all. “It’s clearly right and centre, more right, plus debates on attitudes to work and the value of work, the value of the right, pension reform, tax-free working time, immigration, obligations to leave the territory.” Well, there is a choice made, tactical and technical, that is, if we want to move forward, we need to vote, and for that we need a trust agreement on the right and, if possible, in the center. . In any case, the question that will emerge in the coming months is: which majority for which policy? It presents a line right and center,” notes Herve Marcel, who holds the presidency of the UDI, replacing Jean-Christophe Lagarde, until the congress in December. According to the senator from Hauts-de-Seine, it is about “the political forces in Marin in 2027 It’s about knowing how to organize to face Le Pen. The solution would be to either build something or go back to the elections, because Emmanuel Macron will not be able to govern with 49.3”. Hervé Marseille notes that the idea of ​​an alliance with the LR, “this is the Sarkozy doctrine. This is not new, he proposed it to the legislative elections, but it was not continued.”

For LRs opposed to the head of state, it is very difficult to find the balance when voting on certain texts, if they do not vote on the motion of no confidence. “I’m not sure it’s very readable. I understand those who are elected by saying, “My voters are in the opposition, and I am in the opposition.” But in this case, the texts should not be voted. At some point, a choice will have to be made. This is a political trap that closes. But this is not just a trap. This is a political reality,” said the president of the centrist group in the Senate. Will UDI, which is on his side, be able to hold the hand extended by the president? “We are not in this situation at the moment. We have a convention in December. We will consider the options, “the president of the centrist formation answers cautiously.

“Orchestrated Operation” with Nicolas Sarkozy

For Sol, the masks are falling, at least if they were still supposed to fall. PS Senator Rachid Temal responds: “All this, I think, is an organized operation,” which is organized in terms of strategy. The interview of Nicolas Sarkozy in the JDD (where he restarts the idea of ​​an alliance between Macron and LR, editor’s note), sets this mood, and then there is the proposal that the president has put on the table “. Everything is clear for the senator of Val-d’Oise:

For those who still doubt it, the arrow is on the right. Today I say to all those on the left that the extension of Emmanuel Macron is an alliance with the LR.

“We have a somewhat lost president who is trying in vain to find a majority”

Guillaume Gontard, president of the Senate’s environmental group, also notes a “particularly right-wing speech”. We see where he wants to look for his abundance. We have a somewhat lost president trying in vain to find a majority. We still don’t see the course and direction behind it. It is from day to day,” says the senator from Isere, who approached the head of state with irony.

In fact, I wondered if he did not apply for the presidency of the LR between Eric Ciotti and Bruno Retailleau, because it was only messages to the right and the hardest right.

For the president of the environmental group, this proposed alliance with LR “is a way to kill the Republicans definitively”. But the most serious thing in the eyes of Guillaume Gontard is that “he hardly mentioned the issue of global warming. Almost removed it from the firmware. We act as if the energy crisis is a bad time to pass, as if it is only related to the war in Ukraine. But this is related to global warming, “the environmentalist emphasizes. He concludes: “At some point you have to review your software. And this Emmanuel Macron did not fully understand and did not integrate.

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