Cotton candy Capc Bordeaux Museum of Modern Art, 4 November 2022, Bordeaux.

Cotton Candy November 4, 2022 – May 14, 2023 Capc Bordeaux Museum of Contemporary Art
€ 8 / € 4.50, reduced price / € 2, students
Exhibition at Capc from 3 November 2022 to 14 May 2023. Curator, Cédric Faugue.

Capc Bordeaux Museum of Modern Art 7, rue Ferrère Chartrons – Grand Park – Public Garden Bordeaux 33000 Gironde Nouvelle-Aquitaine
05 56 00 81 50

Every year in March and October, through the windows of the Capc musée d’art contemporain in Bordeaux, you can hear the echoes of the funfair that has been held in the Place Quinconces since 1854. This amplified echo causes “exposure”. Father’s beard. It inhabits the central spaces of Capc – the nave and mezzanines – in the form of a fun fair in slow motion and deconstruction, thanks to the help of artists whose works preserve material, formal and even cultural complications with carnival elements.

Father’s beard, which is also an attempt to think of the exhibition as a staging of “atmosphere”. Finally, an atmosphere that has the potential to evoke a wide range of emotions (melancholy, surprise, joy, fear) for us to understand the cultural and material history of the funfair. The exhibition thus functions like cotton candy: behind its light appearance is to stick, if not to your fingers, at least to your eyes.

In effect, Father’s beard He suggests that the temporary exhibition and the fair have many points in common. It is about observing how artists use attention-grabbing mechanisms, illusion, “unclean” display devices and spatial partitioning systems, all features associated with the party. attraction

One important observation that guided the project is that if anything at a funfair—balloons, trunks, cotton candy, and cars—floats too quickly, everything falls over and gets heavier. Along the way and during discussions with the artists, we asked ourselves: in what form does the carnival allow us to connect with the sky today? A question with a quasi-spiritual tenor that we cannot naturally attribute to carnival is perceived (and sometimes misunderstood) as a popular ritual that does not elevate us, least of all the spirit.

Father’s beard It seeks to sense the paradox of gravity and transform the museum into a place of stopping – a place of trust, confidence and attraction. Thus, the works consist of air, electricity, steel and plastic, but also sugar, oil and salt. In addition to sculptures and installations, there are also videos, paintings, sound works and performances.

works of Father’s beard themselves echo each other through common themes that sometimes lend their names to Fun Fair attractions: Sugar Rush; Weight; flashlights; Techno Power. These guidelines serve as both problematic junctures and conceptual rallying points for a better understanding of the exhibition, which brings together more than 40 artists, a significant number of whom create works specifically for the exhibition.

Cedric Faugue, curator of the exhibition
Capc Chief Commissioner, Projects Division Head.

With his works: Bogdan Ablojnyi, Alfredo Aceto, Lutz Bacher, Bertil Buck, Ericka Beckman, Meriem Bennani, Casper Bosmans, AA Bronson, Chila Burman, Julien Cekaldi, Rene Claire, Mathis Collins, Matt Copson, Jesse Darling, Kevin Desbouis, Dr. Eugène Doyen, Marcel Duchamp, Cécile di Giovanni, Anders Dickson, Natacha Donze, Stano Filko, Nicholas Grafia, Ram Han, EJ Hill, Carsten Höller, Agata Ingarden, Silas Inoue, Ken Jacobs, Gregory Kalliche, Mirardi Langan Peck, Matthew Langan, Ghislaine Leung, Thomas Liu Le Lann, Johann Lurf, Fabrizio Milani & Andrea Dal Molin, Arash Nassiri, Gyan Panchal, Russell Perkins, Harilay Rabenjamina, Pierre-Lin Renie, Christophe de Rohan Chabot, Diane Severin Nguyen, Juli Urme, Israel Urme & Simon Brossard, Kristin Walsh, Bri Williams, Mara Wohnhaas, Cici Wu, Dena Yago, Vivien Zhang, Jenkin Van Zyl.

With the support of Pro Helvetia, Swiss Cultural Foundation; From Fluxus Art Projects; from the Danish Arts Foundation; of the Martell Corporate Foundation.
Also Montel Group and CEIR.

Opening: Thursday, November 3, from 19:00 to midnight
Opening of the exhibition Father’s beard will be a grand celebration occasion with performances, concerts and numerous activations of works by exceptional artists and guests.
with Mathis Collins, [M] Dudeck for AA Bronson, Nora Silva, Thx4crying, Jenkin Van Zyl, Mara Wohnhaas and other surprises…
Bar and restaurant on site. ADMISSION IS FREE

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Julien Ceccaldi, “Gate of Cockaigne” (2022). Photo by Robert Glowacki