Is the iPhone 14 the right time to wait?

Apple updates its range of smartphones every year at the beginning of the school year. The summer is already well underway and therefore new models are on the way: production has already started and new models are expected to be presented in September. If you’re planning to treat yourself to a new iPhone, it’s worth delaying your investment for a few weeks to take advantage of the latest innovations or older models at a discounted price. What to expect with the iPhone 14 this year.

The new 2022 series should consist of four models, like last year, but without the mini model and its small 5.4″ diagonal, sales would be disappointing. Therefore, with two 6.1″ models (iPhone), only two diagonals would remain. 14 and iPhone 14 Pro) and two 6.7″ models (iPhone 14 Max or iPhone 14 Plus and iPhone 14 Pro Max). This is the first time Apple has offered a very large 6.7″ model without a Pro model.

visual by Apple Hub

There is no revolution in terms of design. The classic iPhone 14s are expected to be almost identical to their predecessors, with a notch on the front and dual cameras diagonally across the back. On the other hand, the iPhone 14 Pro should be distinguished by a new arrangement of sensors that will take the form of a double shock on the front, while the three cameras on the back will be more effective than the latest models. . In Pro models, the edges around the screen can be slightly reduced. As for the connector, it will still be the Lightning format: the switch to USB-C should be made with the iPhone 15 next year.

As every year, Apple has to introduce a new processor, but the Apple A16 chip can be reserved for the Pro models, the classic iPhone 14s is satisfied with the version of the Apple A15 chip with 2 GB of additional RAM. On the other hand, the entire range should benefit from the transition to the more efficient Wi-Fi 6E and the adoption of a new, faster and, above all, energy-saving 5G modem.

As for the cameras, the biggest innovation this year has to be the wide-angle Pro models, which will increase from 12 megapixels to 48 megapixels, which will allow you to take higher resolution photos, better crop and zoom photos. quality digital. iPhone 14 Pro is supported pixel binding, a technique that uses pixels in groups of four to get better-lit 12-megapixel shots than a conventional sensor: so there will be an improvement in low light, too. The telephoto lens should stick at 3X: a periscopic model is expected next year. In all models, Apple should combine a better front camera with autofocus and better light sensitivity.

Another development that should be considered for the Pro models is the new OLED panel with a version of ProMotion technology that can go down to 1 Hz, which should allow the always-on display function without suffering from the battery. This is something that has been available on some Android smartphones for several years: it’s simply about offering the ability to display the time and important notifications on a black background.

iPhone 14 Pro

iPhone 14 Pro Concept by Ian Zelbo

The issue of reorganization of the assortment and especially prices remains. As always, Apple should keep a selection of older models in its catalog. The iPhone 11 should be retired, and then we should find the option of the iPhone 12 and 13 (without the Pro versions, but at least a mini model), which should be reduced in price in addition to the traditional iPhone SE entry level. As for the prices of the iPhone 14 range, on the other hand, we can fear a general increase: on the one hand, supply difficulties due to the Covid-19 crisis, the increase in the price of components due to the current geopolitical situation and, on the other hand, a particularly weak euro, could push Apple to increase all its prices in Europe.

Usually, buying an iPhone in the summer is not recommended at all: it is better to wait until September to take advantage of either a more advanced model at a similar price, or more attractive prices on older models. However, we can be afraid that waiting this year will not be very useful for users who do not intend to choose the latest models: iPhone 12 and iPhone 13 regularly have good promotions from sellers (see our comparison), and it was not said that it will be very good in September.

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